To help families in business understand and overcome challenges at regional and global level and promote the success of family business by encouraging them to ensure the strengthening of their businesses;

To provide universal access to the most significant sources of information about family business by means of associations, meeting, conferences and equal right networks of all kinds,  and establish and maintain contact with other information carriers including scientists and advisors;

To support families in business and act as a connection between individual entities and the organizations participating in the system of family business;

To work towards the development and strengthening of family business in Bulgaria;

To develop and implement projects for the realization of family of business in the Bulgarian economic environment;

To promote the achievements of family business in Bulgaria;

To perform an exchange of information, ideas, knowledge and experience; to interact and coordinate its activities with state and municipal authorities and public institutions for the purpose of developing family business in Bulgaria;

To provide assistance for the enrichment of the human resources involved in the activities of family business in Bulgaria;

To encourage and facilitate the interaction between and participation of interested representatives of family business in Bulgaria in the creation of a favourable climate for the development of family business in the Bulgarian economic situation.