Dinko Dinev

Managing Board member

Dinko Dinev, President of Dinevi Group. Dinevi Group was created in 1989 and is specializing in the preparation of investment projects related to the design, construction and sale of luxury villas, hotels and residential complexes. There are complexes with the Dinevi brand in Sveti Vlas, Sunny Beach, Pamporovo, Burgas, Mamaia (Romania), etc. The company has representations in Munich, London, Dublin, Kiev, Riga, Moscow, Warsaw, etc. The owners of the company are Mr. Dinko Dinev and Mr. Yordan Dinev. During all these years of business the company’s intentions have been directed towards a number of other areas such as the yacht business, rent-a-car services, tour operator activities, the entertainment business, agriculture. For this purpose a lot of subsidiaries of Dinevi Group were created including Venid Yacht OOD, Venid Car OOD, Venid Management Group OOD, Laguna Tours OOD, Venid Agro OOD, etc.

For more information please go to: www.dineviandco.com