NxG Bulgaria

The Family Business Association (FBN) offers the next generation (NxG) an opportunity to obtain knowledge from the World Association, from the experience of its members and from world-famous experts in various areas. FBN-NxG allows members of the organization belonging to the same age group to share among themselves their experience and similar problems.
FBN-NxG aims to create a community of well-informed, developing and responsible young family leaders who are pleased to share, communicate and have fun together.

Our mission:
To support, assist and motivate the next generation members of family business who meet the same challenges to share their views and experience in a safe environment.
Our vision:
Happier families and more stable family companies through conscious and inspired successors (NxG)
Our values:
Sharing, responsibility, development, respect, confidentiality and fun
Who may be called NxG (the next generation)?
Next generation family leaders (NxG) are between the ages of 18 and 40 one day they will own part or the entire family business or occupy and important position in it. They can be defines with one or more of the following concepts:
• Explorer - a family member who has not yet joined the family business studying or working outside the family business, who has not yet decided if he wants to develop in the company or outside it;
• Future leader – someone who has joined the family business recently, showing a desire for developing important business skills and a strife to occupy an important leader position as shareholder or manager in the company;
• New leader – someone who has been working in the family business for some time, desiring to play an active part in the operating and strategic management of the company. A successor at an advanced stage of accepting the business but not fully authorized.
• Shareholder – a family member not working in the operating and strategic management of the family company but having the right to influence or be influenced by the company.
A great many of the next generation leaders (NxG) are facing many issues and difficult decision making about the future such as:
• Should they join the family business or remain outside it?
• How can they leave a trace on the already existing family business?
• How can they express themselves in a business not created by them?
• How can they cope with the differences between the family’s expectations and their personal expectations?
• Lack of understanding by people having nothing to do with the family business and looking for someone to share their problems with.
• How can they help the old generation to adequately manage the hand-over of business from generation to generation?
The organization’s main idea is to help its members find an answer to the above (and other) questions by organizing personal development events, seminars, official dinners, informal meetings, sports events, internships in foreign family companies, etc. We do believe in our convictions and we are certain that with your help and our desire we will be able to fulfil the mission of FBN NxG!