Petar Mandzhukov

Honorary Chairman

Mandzhukov EAD is a company registered in 1999 by Petar Mandzhukov as the assign of the companies created by him 1993. The goal of the company is to build a unified marketing, production, financial investment and commercial policy of individual companies entirely subjected to the family principles of organization. Mandzhukov EAD is a majority shareholder and manager of a number of companies engaged in a variety of activities: PM Press OOD, Wine HouseVinogradets AD, Vitosha Business Centre and Residential and Administrative Building ZMM AD (a logistic park in the industrial part of Sofia).
Petar Mandzhukov is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mashinoexport AD and ZMM AD, companies experienced and popular in the area of machine building and domestic trade.
Together with his family and the companies managed by them, Petar Mandzhukov is engaged in extensive donation supporting the Bulgarian culture, letters, and church life. Through the Peter Mandzhukov Foundation that he built, he is supporting socially disadvantaged children and families.