Семейства донори

FBN benefits from direct support of member families. This allows us to continuously fund essential projects in particular for the Next Generation and Polaris, while protecting FBN’s unique safe space. Several families have already committed to join two funding programs supporting FBN and its activities. We would like to recognize and thank them for their invaluable contribution and dedication to the FBN community.

Family Partners

  • Chopard, Scheufele Family
  • Helga & Erivan Haub Family
  • André & Rosalie Hoffmann
  • Frederick Chavalit Tsao, IMC Group & AITIA Institute
  • Thierry & Alexis Lombard

Circle of Friends

  • Anonymous
  • Thomas Alsthröm, Antti Ahlström Perilliset Oy
  • Alexandre Arnbäck, Lyra HoldingSabine Belllefeuille-Burri, Burri public elements AG
  • Dieter Bruhn, Bruhn Spedition
  • GmbH
  • Forbes Marshall
  • Antonio Gallardo Ballart
  • Alfonso Libano Daurella, Larfin
  • Mariano Puig Planas
  • Maurizio Sella, Banca Sella Holding
  • Piskanin Family, Hopi Holding
  • Senger-Weiss, Senger-Weiss GmbH
  • Мan Oord Family, MerweOord
  • Wates Giving