The current generation of leaders in the family business

  • A platform for partnership

    Belonging to a community of like-minded people with common interests

  • Coaching and leadership development

    Acquisition of new knowledge and skills necessary for the new leadership role in the business

  • Meetings and events

    Specially planned events to meet the needs of the community

What is Now Generation?

Now Generation members come from the ranks of Next Generation to now include 6 400 members worldwide. These are grown-up nextgens who already have a leading role in the business – family or their own, but have not yet fully taken over the management and ownership of their family companies.

NowGens are between the ages of 30 and 50. Some of them no longer belong to the Next Generation community, and others, due to increased responsibilities in personal and business terms, need their own specific environment.

Most NowGens have already started their own families, become parents. These life changes also form new priorities, interests and values.



On April 2nd , 2022, 20 representatives of 14 family companies, members of FBN Bulgaria, became part of the establishment of the new community "Now Generation", called to unite and represent members with a similar profile and interests, who until now are still part of the Next Generation structure.



On a personal and professional level, NowGens have already made serious commitments and have a conscious need to communicate on various topics with like-minded people. The Now Generation community offers them opportunities to do so, thanks to specially planned events to meet their interests and new priorities.



Now Generation is a relatively young, but already asserting community of the international organization Family Business Network International. Its first significant event FBN International Now Generation Forum Turkey, which gathered a large number of members of the structure, was held in May 2023 in Istanbul with the participation of five Bulgarian representatives. The community calendar is just getting saturated with opportunities for meetings and fruitful communication.


Ivan Staykov

Ivan Staykov

President of FBN NowGen

Ivan Staykov is a second generation participant in the family business and is currently a manager of GED EOOD. The company was established in 1992 as a small pre-press house and is nowadays a reliable partner offering a broad range of services, which could be verified from its many long-term partners. The main activities are design and professional pre-press, distribution of equipment, software and office materials, installation, warranty and post-warranty maintenance; solutions for the management of the flow of documents. The company is awarded the Merchant of the year 2012 award, it is a Drupa 2012 silver medalist, holds the Kodak Best Professional Partnership 2008 award and many others.

For more information, visit the website: www.gedbg.com

Ivan Staykov was a vice-president of the youth FBN structure – Next Generation since 2014 until October 2020. Winning the right to host the Global Summit of FBN-I NextGen in 2020 in a very competitive race with France is one of the greatest achievements of NextGen and of Mr. Staykov as its vice president.

By decision of the General Assembly from April 2023, Ivan Staykov is the Chairman of Now Generation structure of FBN Bulgaria.