Family businesses gathered in one place

FBN Bulgaria is a network of like-minded people: business entrepreneurs, managers of successful companies, active business leaders, young highly educated people who work in Bulgaria and manage internationally represented companies.

If you share the values ​​and traditions of the family business, you will find a home in our community of companies with established names and a good reputation. Our members are companies from different industries with various spheres of activity. Their significant contribution to the country's economy is that they ensure employment and secure jobs for tens of thousands of Bulgarians.


  • Partners

    A network of leaders who share your challenges and vision for the future

  • Development

    Coaching and mentorship, tailored specifically to the needs of family business

  • Contacts

    Meetings with representatives of national and international institutions and companies.

Our Members

Members of FBN Bulgaria are companies from different industries, gathered by the desire to promote family entrepreneurship and contribute to the development of the business environment in Bulgaria.

Membership Program

Membership Program

The Membership program of FBN Bulgaria is an initiative of the organization, which aims better understanding and partnership between our members. Being part of it, each member company can provide preferential terms to our community for the services or goods it offers.

How to become a member?

Members can be Bulgarian and foreign legal entities - family companies that share the traditions of the family business and meet our membership terms and conditions.

See more on the membership terms and conditions page!

How to become a member?