We are a family with one common dream

To build a sustainable future for the next generations

  • Mission

    FBN Bulgaria is a community of family businesses with the mission for the development and protection of the family values and traditions and their transfer to the next generations.

  • Vision

    To be part of the global society of the family business which contributes to the success and development of the family companies in Bulgaria.

  • Values

    Trust and Openness - Inclusion - Confidentiality – Respect and Professionalism

About us

Family Business Network – Bulgaria is the only organization of its kind in Bulgaria, whose mission is to support the environment of family business development in the country. Founded in 2007, it is part of the Family Business Network - an international organization uniting over 3,500 respected family companies from around the world, including the Swarovski family, the Beretta family, the Heineken family, and many others.

Along with 12 other European countries, we form The European Family Business (EFB) and represent the interests of the family business before the European Parliament. This is the only organization that defends the interests of the family business on this forum.

Like the other FBN communities, we at FBN Bulgaria develop a stable business community with a shared mission and vision. United around family values ​​in business, we lay the foundations for a sustainable future for family companies in Bulgaria and all the people who work in them.

Family Business Network Bulgaria is a non-political, non-religious, independent, and non-profit organization.

Main activities of FBN Bulgaria

Development of the community of family entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, training, exchange of experience and good practices, social responsibility, and donations.

Numerous annual events at the national level - conferences, training sessions, meetings with public sector representatives, as well as informal networking.

History of FBN Bulgaria

Establishment of FBN Bulgaria

On January 17, 2007, six respected Bulgarian families established the Family Business Network - Bulgaria.

2007 Year

Next Generation Bulgaria is born

The youth structure of FBN Bulgaria was created with the mission to be a community of friends and like-minded people.

2010 Year

10 years FBN Bulgaria

We celebrate our first decade. 10 years in which we created a close-knit family business community.

2017 Year

FBN Evolution

The association has entered decisively in its second decade

2018 Year

Joyful excitement for the upcoming hosting

In contested competition with other countries, FBN Bulgaria won the hosting of the prestigious International Youth Meeting.

2019 Year

10 years since the establishment of the youth structure Next Generation

A moment for festive emotions, a mature balance of history, and ambitious plans for the future.

2020 Year

Together through the difficulties

United, supportive and generous - the members of FBN Bulgaria responded with dignity to the challenges of the global pandemic.

2021 Year


Membership in FBN Bulgaria

We understand the needs of a family which every day balances between its work and personal relations. If you share the values and traditions of a family business, you will find your home in our community.

Membership in FBN Bulgaria
Our partners

Our partners

At FBN Bulgaria we are happy to be supported by our partners with proven name and good reputation. Our partners believe in the added value that family businesses have for society. Their deeply valued support in the form of expertise, sponsorship or both is a perfect cooperation to implement a number of initiatives of FBN Bulgaria.