Four new members join the Management Board of FBN Bulgaria

Four new members join the Management Board of FBN Bulgaria

The General Assembly of the organization gave three-year mandates to Valentin Valev, Teodora Mladenova, Kiril Vasilev and Milena Zaharieva

At the General Assembly of FBN Bulgaria held on October 8, 2022, the delegates representing the family companies - members of the organization voted on decisions on changes in the composition of the Management Board.

Mandates as members of the Association's board were given to Valentin Valev (Aquatec Ltd.), Teodora Mladenova (Date Trade Ltd.), Kiril Vasilev (HMC JSC) and Milena Zaharieva (FairPlay International JSC).

Two of the previous members of the board - Zhechko Kyurkchiev (Ficosota Holding JSC) and Anton Radev (R&CO JSC) - received a second mandate.

With the voted changes, the Management Board of FBN Bulgaria now has ten members. The honorary chairman Petar Mandzhukov, the chairman Mr. Stefan Gugushev, the president of Next Generation structure Mr. Victor Gugushev and Ivan Staykov are with active mandates in the Board.

Engr. Valentin Valev is the owner and manager of Express Guarantee Ltd. and Aquatec Ltd. The path of entrepreneurship for the founder of the business, engineer Valev, started with small construction sites in 1990 and since 1994 with the creation of Aquatec, he has gone through the construction of aqua parks and large spa centers throughout Bulgaria, to reach its international customers. Aquatec Ltd. has designed and built over 3,000 facilities in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Moldova, North Macedonia, UAE.

Teodora Mladenova is the second generation owner of Teda Pack Ltd., established as a family company for the production of packaging for the food industry, which is now part of an international group. She is also an entrepreneur running several other family businesses - Date Trade Ltd. and New European Wave Entertainment. Mladenova has been an active member of the Next Generation youth community for many years. He is a member of the Program Committee of the 16th FBN Next Generation Interational Summit, which FBN Bulgaria hosted in June 2022.

Kiril Vasilev is the founder and manager of the family company HMC JSC. The beginning was made in 1990 with Helios-Plovdiv - Vasilev & Co - a company for trade in metals. In 2006, the company was divided into two independent companies and one of them is Helios Metal Center (HMC) with an emphasis on the production of metal structures. In its 32-year history, HMC JSC has completed projects in Germany, USA, Italy and successfully completed projects for Russia, Japan, Mexico and France.

Milena Zaharieva is a representative of the second generation of FairPlay International JSC - a leader in construction and real estate investments in Bulgaria with almost 30 years of history. After completing her education abroad, in 2005 Milena joined the family company, initially working to attract foreign property buyers to the company's holiday projects in Sozopol and Bansko. Since 2006, Milena has been a member of the board of directors of FairPlay International JSC and is currently one of the company's executive directors.

"The joining of new board members is always inspiring for its work, because it brings energy and new ideas. In the year in which we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Bulgarian family business organization, our symbolic "Welcome" is for individuals we know well and who have already proven their dedication to the cause and values ​​of our community through their active actions of family entrepreneurs", pointed out Mr. Stefan Gugushev, Chairman of the Management Board of FBN Bulgaria.