The Gugushevi Family

The Gugushevi Family


GUGUSHEV & PARTNERS is a law office created in 2006. The team consists of lawyers who have worked for leading law companies in Bulgaria and the USA. The members of GUGUSHEV & PARTNERS´s team have participated in almost all major deals that have taken place in the last few years. Driven by our desire to provide an entirely new method and quality of work we at GUGUSHEV & PARTNERS focus on our long-term commitment to every client based on the individual attitude towards the client’s interests and investments.

In our attempt to find and define the most effective and balanced solution to every question, we consider the clients’ needs and predict the future outcome of the chosen solution and its overall importance in the business strategy as a whole.

Our team takes care of the interests of our clients with consistency, attention to detail and competence by predicting the future changes in the field and considering the necessary measures.

GUGUSHEV & PARTNERS works with maximal transparency and predictability of the upcoming expenses and guarantees the timely exchange of information and execution of the expected service.