What do you get?

The Partners Program of FBN Bulgaria is an initiative of the Association, which aims better acquaintance and cooperation between the members of our community. The program will be accompanied by exquisite personal cards of each member of FBN Bulgaria, which will facilitate the use of preferences. By participating, you will get:

  • Visibility

    You will become more discernible within our community

  • Network

    You will meet personally more of our members

  • Brand

    You will market your business in the most appropriate way

How can you join?

The program started in 2019 by providing information to our members about all companies offering preferential terms.

The information is sent to the registered members of FBN Bulgaria as a printed brochure, and details about the new proposals in the Program are included in the digital monthly newsletter.
To facilitate the use of the preferences, we provide annual personal plastic cards to the members of the Association.

You can request complete information how to participate in the Program by sending an e-mail to office@fbn.bg