Autumn Gathering of FBN-Bulgaria, October 9th-11th, 2020, Town of Hissarya

Autumn Gathering of FBN-Bulgaria, October 9th-11th, 2020, Town of Hissarya
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This year's Autumn Meeting of FBN-Bulgaria, which took place between October 9 and 11, set a record for attendance!

21 family companies, members of the Association, had their representatives at the event in the town of Hissarya and so the meeting brought together almost 60 members of the organization from different generations.

During the Autumn Gathering, a General Assembly of FBN - Bulgaria was also held, whose delegates adopted responsible decisions for the future of the organization.
This year's General Assembly was electoral due to the expiring mandates of members of the Management Board.
The delegates of the General Assembly voted unanimously their support for the candidacies for second terms of the current presidents of the organization. Thus, Mr. Stefan Gugushev receives a new three-year term as Chairman of the Board of FBN-Bulgaria, and Mr. Victor Gugushev will continue to be president of the youth structure Next Generation.
The current vice-president of the youth organization Ivan Staykov was nominated and received with the support of the delegates a second term as a member of the Board of the Association. Mr. Staykov is stepping down as Vice President, and his position will be taken by two new Vice Presidents - Bogdana Vateva, a representative of “Tandem-V” Ltd. and Ivaylo Nenkov from “BG Agro” JSC (in the second photo in the Gallery - together with the President of NextGen V. Gugushev).
The autumn gathering of FBN-Bulgaria will be remembered with the excellent hosting of the Georgievi family (Rosaimpex Ltd.) in their SPA Hotel Hissar, as well as with the pleasant and warm Saturday afternoon in the Starosel Wine Cellar.