Video for the 10th anniversary of the youth structure Next Generation -Bulgaria

"COVID-19" is the stigma that 2020 put permanently in the memories and consciousness of the entire planet.
However, in addition to global challenges, every year leaves unforgettable personal traces - experiences, hardships, but also holidays.

We firmly believe that in the big family of FBN - Bulgaria 2020 will remain with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the youth structure Next Generation.
This first-decade celebration of the young members of the Association is an occasion for a mature balance of the experience and ambitious plans for the future.
It is a great pleasure for us to present the video we shot to celebrate the holiday!
We invite you to experience the emotion of the celebration, to see what are the key moments and significant events in the ten-year history of Next Generation-Bulgaria, to hear the statements of members of the organization and their best wishes for the coming years.
Next Generation is a community of friends and like-minded people, a generator of youthful aspiration and energy, a place to share experiences and search for new knowledge.
Next Generation is the Future - what we believe in and rely on to make Bulgaria and the world better places to live!