FBN Bulgaria is one of the twelve organizations with a common position in an open letter to political parties

FBN Bulgaria is one of the twelve organizations with a common position in an open letter to political parties

Associations and organizations, representing leading sectors for the country's economy, appealed to the party leaders to make all possible efforts to form a regular government and with their actions to show maturity and wisdom in the name of the development of Bulgaria and the improvement of the welfare of the Bulgarians.

The letter, distributed on March 17 of this year, emphasizes the critical importance of a sustainable government that can deal with the urgent problems facing Bulgaria's economy and business. In the past two years, the country has faced a series of crises, including a pandemic, war, energy crisis, inflation, geopolitical and political crises, and a crisis of confidence. However, the year ahead offers historic opportunities for development, including the development of artificial intelligence, the end of the war in Ukraine, and the economic opportunities it will create. The letter warns that politicians who fail to form a functioning government that can deal with these challenges are putting the economy and the well-being of Bulgarian citizens on the back burner.

"We state that real commitment and support for business and the economy from you, the politicians, will be measured in the coming months by your willingness to form a sustainable government that will do its job to resolve the critical issues and challenges facing our country ”, says the open letter and sets out the urgent and defining topics for Bulgaria's progress in six specific areas, among which are the fastest possible admission of Bulgaria into the Eurozone and Schengen; the implementation of the necessary legislative and administrative reforms to guarantee the rule of law in the country; the necessary reforms in Bulgarian education; ensuring functioning regulators and institutions; the guarantee of funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan; the improvement of the conditions for the promotion of investors."

"It is time to turn Bulgaria into a good place to live, with high standards, a place for honest and free business, a preferred destination for investments, a country with a vision for the future and with a real legal order, to return to people the feeling that there is justice. A regular government is needed, which will lead an adequate policy in the interest of Bulgaria and the choice we made decades ago - to be part of Europe and the democratic and free world. The responsibility is historic and political parties must put aside their short-term intra-party interests and personal egos to give our country a chance for prosperity," the open letter to politicians says.

The twelve organizations that express the firm position of business are: Family Business Network Bulgaria (FBN Bulgaria), Association for Innovations, Business Services and Technologies (AIBEST), Bulgarian Association for People Management (BAPM), Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies (BACA), Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies (BAPRA), Bulgarian Association of Software Technologies (BASSCOM), Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT), Bulgarian Entrepreneurial Association (BESCO), Bulgarian Employers' Association of Innovative Technologies (BRAIT), Bulgarian Fintech Association, Interactive Advertising Bureau Bulgaria (IAB Bulgaria), ICT Cluster.

The text of the open letter is available here.