The Christmas donation initiative "Home Care" of FBN Bulgaria Next Generation ended successfully

The Christmas donation initiative

FBN Bulgaria marked the end of 2021 with valuable support for a social initiative, aimed at lonely and sick elderly people.

The traditional Christmas charity campaign of the youth of For 20 years now, the charity organization “Caritas Sofia” has been implementing the social service “Home Care” through its small teams in several Bulgarian cities, thanks to which elderly people receive professional health care, attention and understanding in their homes.

In the midst of the charity campaign, the partners of Pravets Resort, through the company owner “Terra Tour Service” Ltd., accepted our invitation to support the project of “Caritas Sofia” and so the charity initiative of FBN Next Generation raised donations of 13 950 BGN.

A large part of the raised funds was used for the purchase of medical supplies and sanitary materials needed by the teams in their daily work with the elderly.

In December, greeting cards for the holidays were sent to the lonely adults, and “Caritas Sofia” teams received small gifts in gratitude for their dedicated work. The photos captured the touching joy of the elderly, as well as our meetings with their "merciful angels".