Visits of lecturers from FBN Bulgaria in the classes of students from Sofia University

Visits of lecturers from FBN Bulgaria in the classes of students from Sofia University

Already 6 lectures have been given by members of "Family Business Network Bulgaria" to students from various bachelor’s and master’s programs at the Faculty of Economics.

The participation of representatives of FBN Bulgaria from senior and younger generation is carried out in implementation of the Agreement for cooperation, signed in September between the Association and the faculty.

At the special invitation of Prof. Desislava Yordanova, the first guest speaker was symbolically one of the newest members of our organization - Eng. Vasil Hristov Ph. D., Executive Director, majority shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Techceramic-M JSC. The students from the masters program "Business Administration - Management and Entrepreneurship", studying the discipline "Entrepreneurship", taught by Prof. Yordanova, got acquainted with the history of the family company of Dr. Hristov and received useful advice from an entrepreneur with enviable international experience.

A day later, the representative of Next Generation Hristo Hristov, CEO of Darik Radio, chose a completely different format of his visit, actively provoking the participation of students in a discussion on entrepreneurship. Hristo (pictured) shared his personal experience on the topic, told about some of the challenges facing him, was frank about his unsuccessful decisions.

Kaloyan Todorov, founder and manager of SEG Event Services Ltd., was a lecturer in the master’s program "Business Administration - Strategic Management", led by Prof. Tsvetan Davidkov. Kaloyan's family business is already established as a model and is well known as a portfolio among a number of serious partners and clients. However, event management is the business sector most affected by the pandemic, and therefore the transformation that SEG Event Services has implemented in a short time is an inspiring example of foresight and entrepreneurship.

Two representatives of the young generation - Teodora Mladenova from "TEDA-MM" and Ivan Armyanov from "Tangra-AV" visited the future masters in "Business Administration - Management and Entrepreneurship". Both were lecturers in the subject "Family Business" and offered their individual approach to the activity. Theodora focused on examples from the work of her family companies, referring to the work of respected experts in the field. Ivan Armyanov offered information on various topics and saturated his presentation with interesting examples of global family companies, their history and the challenges they have overcome at different stages of their development.

The President of FBN Bulgaria in the period 2014-2017 Atanas Simeonov, founder and manager of S Group International JSC, demonstrated competence, in-depth knowledge and convincing experience in the specific academic field of the master’s program "Business Administration - Human Resources Development". Mr. Simeonov's visit on the subject "Organizational Change and Development", led by Prof. Zhelyu Vladimirov, focused on topics such as organizational change due to restructuring, change of leadership, mergers and acquisitions, internationalization. The managerial experience and principles of Atanas Simeonov largely confirmed the academic models and concepts, presented earlier in Prof. Vladimirov's lecture.

The participation of lecturers - members of the Association continues in November and December. The invitation to represent our organization was accepted by the Honorary Chairman of the Management Board Mr. Petar Mandzhukov and the member of the Management Board Mr. Zhechko Kyurkchiev. The former leaders of the youth structure and its current active members Dimitar Valev and Ivan Staykov also took on the challenge to share knowledge and experience with the students.