FBN Bulgaria realized the restoration of the monument of St. Cyril and St. Methodius in Sofia

FBN Bulgaria realized the restoration of the monument of St. Cyril and St. Methodius in Sofia
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Donations of the members financed the cleaning, color integration and protection of the sculptural composition. The restoration is the first to take place since the monument was erected in 1972.

In the days before May 24 - the day of the Bulgarian education and culture, and Slavonic literature, a team of restorers undertook conservation and restoration intervention to clean and protect the most magnificent of the monuments of the Holy Brothers.
The sculptural composition, erected in 1972 in front of the National Library in Sofia, is the work of the sculptor Vladimir Ginovski and the architect Ivan Ivanchev. Since its installation until today, the monument has not been subject to professional maintenance - there is no evidence of conservation and restoration of any kind.

FBN Bulgaria initiates the collection of donations among its members - respected Bulgarian family companies from various industries. In a short time, the organization raised the necessary funds to finance the project and hired restorers with experience in the maintenance of monuments. The association coordinates the initiative with the owner of the property District Administration - Sofia District, Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Culture and National Library "St. St. Cyril and Methodius”.

“FBN Bulgaria recognizes as its mission the care for the preservation of national heritage and the symbols of our cultural memory. The donation for the restoration of the monument is an expression of the respect and gratitude of our members to the eternal work of the Holy Brothers", emphasizes Mr. Victor Gugushev, President of the youth structure Next Generation of the Association.

Within a few days in mid-May, a restoration team, led by sculptor Marin Markov, removed surface lees from the more than 4 meters high figures, filled cracks in the base of the monument, treated the bronze casting for prevention and applied a protective coating.

Symbolically, the restoration project had been realized just before the National holiday on 24 May, when traditionally thousands of grateful Bulgarians litter the monument with wreaths and flowers.
The work of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius is an inalienable national symbol of the pursuit of education and development. The sculptural composition of the equal to the Apostles in Sofia is the largest among more than 80 erected in Bulgaria and abroad, according to the documentary book "Bulgarian Monuments" by Ivan Parvanov. A copy of the sculpture is placed in the yard of the Bulgarian Embassy in Rome.