Summer gathering FBN-Bulgaria

Summer gathering FBN-Bulgaria
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The Summer Gathering of FBN-Bulgaria took place on September 16-18 in the North Black Sea Coast

The topic of the meeting was: "Equipped for success: experience, knowledge, and new opportunities!"

At the invitation of the Association and as a result of the signed partnership agreement for the first time in Bulgaria the innovative web-based business platform Opportunity Network was presented to the members of the Association, which aims to facilitate handling business and sharing business proposals between highly reliable businesses -  large-scale players from around the world. As a partner of  ON, currently, FBN Bulgaria is the only organization in Bulgaria that will identify, invite, and approve companies wishing to join.

The guest speaker of the event was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Koleva, who gave a lecture on "Mentoring and coaching", a topic extremely important, interesting, and topical for the organization. The reason to invite Ms. Koleva was that in addition to having extensive experience as a lecturer in Bulgarian and international universities and professional consultancy in the field of management and business communications, business etiquette, and international protocol, she is also the founder of a certified mentoring program Euromentor.

Due to the fact that the main goal of the Association is to support the development of the family business by enabling its members to tell their story and share experiences, knowledge, mistakes, and problems with like-minded people, this time the members had the opportunity to hear the story of Mr.Krassimir Uzunov (Interservice Uzunov), who gave advice based on his personal experience to the next generation, shared about the most difficult decisions in business and the great role of the family. For golf lovers, a golf tournament was organized the next day.

The meeting was attended by about 40 members of the Association with their families and representatives of NextGen. Among the present family companies - members of the Association were EU Group International, Ataro Klima, Interservice Uzunovi, MIT, Rosa Impex, Mandjukov EAD, TEDA MM, Balkam Group, IHB, Aquatec, and others.