The donation of FBN Bulgaria Now and Next Generation for "Village Doctor" was handed over to the project team

The donation of FBN Bulgaria Now and Next Generation for
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In the days around Easter, representatives of the two youth structures of the Association traditionally collected funds to support an important charitable cause.
This year, the empathy of the young members of FBN Bulgaria was aimed at the residents of sparsely populated areas, which have been suffering from the lack of medical services for years.

Thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of volunteers from the Practicum Foundation, some of these people are finally receiving quality health care. As part of their project "Village Doctor", doctors and medical specialists aim to examine people in 10 hard-to-reach villages in different regions of Bulgaria.
The Easter donation initiative of FBN Bulgaria Now & Next Generation collected 4,600 BGN. With half of the collected funds from the donations made, equipment was purchased to facilitate the mobile teams when visiting different settlements: a foldable and easily portable couch for examinations and a medical bag for the team, as well as 10 sets of blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeter devices, which will be left for use in the medical offices in the visited villages.
With the rest of the collected amount, FBN Bulgaria fully financed the last visit of the team, which was in the village of Dagonovo, region Belitsa. There, within two days (May 13th and 14th), two specialist cardiologists from the Cardiovascular Center of Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda examined nearly 70 villagers.
Patients who responded to the team's invitation underwent a comprehensive health consultation, including measurement of blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, blood oxygen saturation, ultrasound and electrocardiography.
Students working as volunteers in the initiative actively participated in examinations, assisted doctors and skillfully communicated with patients in need of medical care.

The president of FBN Bulgaria Now Generation Ivan Staykov, accompanied by his family, joined the medical team in the village of Dagonovo to present the donation and congratulate the doctors and local residents.

In the Gallery attached to the publication, you will find more photos from the visit to Dagonovo.